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How To Make Your Unique Jewelry Pop

If you’re wearing your jewelry, but it’s hiding under layers of clothes or your clothing patterns are too busy, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make your jewelry a focal point. While some jewelry is meant to blend into your outfit, here at Real Chic Boutique, our unique jewelry designs are meant to be shown off! If you’re looking for affordable women’s jewelry that also allows you to own artisan earrings and handcrafted necklaces, you’ll love the handmade jewelry we create here at Real Chic Boutique. And if you’re curious about how to style your outfits so that your jewelry really pops, keep reading!

Make Your Unique Jewelry Designs Pop

Your Necklace Guideline

Layers - Necklaces can be fun to layer—adding different shapes and lengths together for a spirited look. But only layer a few strands and try to stay within the same color family with your different strands.

Accents - If your shirt or dress has an open neckline or a solid color, this is the time to add an accent that is glitzy and eye-catching.

Solo Statement - Chokers are the perfect item to wear and make a statement with without having to wear any other jewelry.

Frame Your Face With Earrings

Studs - If you’d rather make a statement with your clothes, studs are the way to go as an everyday item that can work with any outfit. Diamond studs are classic and can go with almost any outfit.

Dangle And Drop - If you’d like to make your earrings really pop, use dangle and drop earrings to make a statement. For particularly long earrings, limit your other jewelry to make your earrings the only focal item.

Accentuate Your Arms

Mix Materials - Try wearing a few different types of bracelets on your arm at once. Mix shapes and colors that complement each other but don’t mix more than two or three different types of bracelets.

Know When Enough Is Enough

It can be tempting to want to pair a shiny ring with a colorful bracelet and a chunky necklace, but downplaying other accessories so that one really stands out is the way to go. Pick one piece that you want to make a statement with, and pick your other jewelry to complement that item instead of having them compete for attention. If you want your handcrafted necklace to stand out, think about wearing minimal earrings or bracelets.

Pick Your Clothes Wisely

A patterned dress can be fun and grab attention, but if you’re going to pair jewelry with the dress, thin pieces work best, whereas ornate pieces would make it so that there is too much going on and people will have a hard time enjoying your outfit as a whole.

Beware Of Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry can be fun and add a lot to your outfit. However, be sure you don’t buy costume jewelry that is too cheap. Anything that is trying to imitate the real deal can come off as cheesy, as opposed to classy, if you’re not careful.

For the unique jewelry designs you need to make your jewelry the focal point of your outfit, shop the women’s handmade jewelry from Real Chic Boutique!